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Chengdu Ninecharm Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, and is located in Innovation Center of Hi-Tech West Zone of Chengdu. Ninecharm specializes in the development, production and technical services of microwave amplifiers, circulators, filters, isolators, switches, synthesizers and subassemblies. Ninecharm is one of the main development and production units of microwave components, assemblies in China.

Ninecharm presently has five departments including Administrative Department, Marketing Department, Research & Development Department, Production Department and Quality Department, comprising more than 95 technical personnel and management personnel, and key personnel of Ninecharm are all renowned experts of the industry in China. Ninecharm has a comprehensive quality management system and the management of Ninecharm is carried out in accordance with the modern enterprise management mode. "Science and Technology Innovation, Quality Focus, Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement" is Ninecharm's basic operation policy. Ninecharm and employees grow together and make progress together is the basic start point of Ninecharm’s business activity. Adhering to the idea "Resolute and Progressive, Pragmatic and Innovative", Ninecharm is committed to undertake the social responsibilities, actively create value for the country and the society, and continue to contribute to the construction of the country and society.

Ninecharm has now 31 R&D personnel, including young and middle-aged experts, doctors, masters with outstanding contributions. Ninecharm's research and development strength and production capacity is at an advanced level in the same industry in China. The series products of microwave components and assemblies are produced with microwave hybrid integrated technology, with advantages of high integration and high reliability; by now there are already more than 80 kinds of mass produced microwave integrated assemblies, and the products are mainly used in communication, navigation equipment and systems.

Ninecharm possesses 223 sets of various kinds of equipment, the original value of the equipment is more than RMB 24 million Yuan; and a modern anti-static 100,00 grade clean room of more than 400 square meters meeting the needs for production of microwave series products, right now Ninecharm has office area of 1500 square meters, and has purchased more than 60 sets of special equipment for production such as signal source, vector network analyzer, spectrum instrument, oscilloscope, high and low temperature box, oven, gold wire and gold band bonding machine, gold wire tension tester, etc.

Ninecharm strictly follows customers’ requirements and completes development and production of all products swiftly, winning common recognition and affirmation from customers on the quality of products and services. On the basis of the existing products of Ninecharm, we will consolidate the core business such as the microwave components and assemblies, while actively developing in other services fields of microwave products, through scientific research and arduous work, we will strive to become an international first-class microwave products supplier.

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